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Interactive Nascar racing for your next company picnic, corporate event, or theme party. Motor sports, event marketing and street promotions are our specialty. Micro Reality stock car racing is perfect for your next tradeshow, convention, or promotion.

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Micro Reality racing is a proven traffic builder for your next promotion, trade show, or fundraiser. Your return on investment is assured because we get the audience involved and keep them involved. Our speedway will "steal the show" every time, while your group has a captive audience to promote your business. Take us to your corporate event or race with us throughout the year at dozens of top-notch festivals. Call us today at (847) 487-4500 to find out more or get a quote on your next event by clicking here.

Combine the fastest growing sport with the hottest marketing trends.

  2005 Spending* Share of Market
2005 Total Marketing Forecast +5.7% $841.4 billion 100%
Advertising +4.8 $190.2 23%
Direct Marketing +5.0 $186.2 22%
Trade Promotion +5.0 $160.2 19%
Consumer Promotion +7.0 $126.0 15%
Event Marketing +12.0 $93.5 11%
Public Relations +2.0 $59.2 7%
Other +3.0 $26.2 3%
Source: *Jack Myers Report, Media Village    
Full Article:  http://www.mediavillage.com/jmr/2004/12/20/jmr-12-20-04/
"A room full of games and pool tables at our sales event and everyone wanted to race the cars. Booking these guys for our next tradeshow was an easy decision."

David Todd, VP, American Hotel Register

"NASCAR fans remain fiercely devout and frighteningly informed - as regards the nuances of their chosen sport, they are the most sophisticated and knowledgeable in America and nobody else is close."
GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly)
"The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing is challenging NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, figure skating and golf for the title of hottest sport of the decade."
TV Guide
"Once viewed as a regional attraction with marginal audience, NASCAR racing is now the nation's fastest-growing spectator sport…It's fans are devoted, not just to the races and cars and the drivers, but also the companies whose corporate logos adorn them."
The Washington Post

Source: Nascar

What Market are you trying to reach?

The total audience for motor sports is much bigger than it's core group of diehard racing fans. J. Walter Thompson, one of the world's largest and most prestigious advertising agencies, conducted an in-depth national study of motor sports fans' purchasing habits. The study revealed the following facts:

  • 71% of the total U.S. population is interested in motor sports.
  • 87% of motor sport fans travel, versus 78% of the total U.S. population.
  • 68% of the general consumer population in the U.S. enjoys watching televised motor sports events.
  • Since 1990 NASCAR popularity has grown at a rate exceeding all forms of sanctioned Sports Worldwide.
  • 72% of the total U.S. population believes that motor sport sponsors are leading companies in their fields.
NASCAR Demographics
  • Motorsports is outpacing all other sports in growth of PAID attendance
  • Attendance at NASCAR events increases an average of 10% annually.
  • Over 56 million adults in the U.S. have an interest in Motorsports.
  • The average income of the NASCAR fan is $43,280 annually.
  • 91% of NASCAR fans are HS graduates and 41% have at least some college education, or are college graduates.
  • 74% of NASCAR fans own two or more automobiles and own their own homes.

Marketing Partners are thrilled with the kind of response that is being generated by the fans of NASCAR. Micro Reality Stock Car Racing brings the excitement of motorsports, specifically NASCAR, right to the fan. Participants get a chance to be involved not only emotionally but physically. Ours is not just any demographically appealing audience. This is an audience that RESPONDS!


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