Micro Reality stock car racing is perfect for your

Interactive Nascar racing for your next company picnic, corporate event, or theme party. Motor sports, event marketing and street promotions are our specialty. Micro Reality stock car racing is perfect for your next tradeshow, convention, or promotion.

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What's Included?

Standard Package Includes:

  • Professional uniformed crew to conduct the races; complete set-up and tear down after the event.
  • Race up to 6 huge, slot less,1/10th scale NASCAR cars. Full size steering wheel/shifter column allows complete control of the action.
  • Giant 16' x 24' banked oval speedway.
  • Computerized lap counter with scoreboard.
  • Professional sound system w/ rockin' racing tunes.


  • The coolest looking tent you have ever seen.
  • Custom cars bodies please allow 30 days. Clients keep them after the race.
  • Your company logo on the track itself and/or on the steering consoles.
  • Custom banners & flags with vinyl graphics decorating the race area.
  • Team building and tournaments.
  • Promotional prizes, gifts and giveaways.(PDF, 845kb)
  • Professionally printed "race day" invitations

Custom Car Bodies

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Event ideas can include:

Team Building

Options include:

  • Team racing where one team driver collects laps and others "block" for the leader.
  • Endurance races where alternating drivers can be required to change in and out of the team-racing suit.
  • Blind races where the driver cannot see the track. Teammates guide the driver using verbal communications.


  • Each Nascar replica has an onboard computer "pod" to record number of laps and heat winners.
  • Larger groups can run 15-lap qualifying races every two to three minutes and the winners are called back for a round-robin elimination tournament.
  • Small groups can run longer endurance races with a relay race of alternating drivers.

Theme Parties

The Remote Control Speedway is an imposing presence in a hotel ballroom, warehouse or parking lot. Up to six racers can battle head to head as our pit crew conducts thrilling, flag-waving races.

Micro Reality racing will put your Chicago area company event in the "winners circle".

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