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Interactive Nascar racing for your next company picnic, corporate event, or theme party. Motor sports, event marketing and street promotions are our specialty. Micro Reality stock car racing is perfect for your next tradeshow, convention, or promotion.

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  • Each Nascar replica has an onboard computer "pod" to record lap times, number of laps or
    heat winners.
  • Larger groups can run 15-lap qualifying races every two to three minutes and the winners are called back for a round-robin elimination tournament.
  • Small groups can run longer endurance races with a relay race of alternating drivers.


Options include:

  • Team racing where one team driver collects laps and others "block" for the leader.
  • Endurance races where alternating drivers can be required to change in and out of the team racing suit.
  • Blind races where the driver cannot see the track. Teammates guide the driver using verbal communications.

Either format is backed by a professional sound system playing heart pounding racing tunes like "I Can't Drive 55, "Where Are We Running" and "Speed Racer."

  Porsche Team    
Race 1: 2/25 10:05am  
Grand Ballroom  
  Ford Team      
  Winner of 1  
Semi-Final: 2/25 11am  
  Grand Ballroom    
  Audi Team     Winner of 2    
Race 2: 2/25 10:10am      
Grand Ballroom    
  Volvo Team     Winner of 1/2  
  Championship: 2/25 11am  
Grand Ballroom  
  Winner of 3/4  
  BMW Team      
Race 3: 2/25 10:15am    
Grand Ballroom    
  Mercedes Team        
  Winner of 3    
Semi-Final: 2/25 11:10am  
  Grand Ballroom  
  Honda Team     Winner of 4  
Race 4: 2/25 10:20am    
Grand Ballroom  
  Toyota Team    


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